2 pages Locate a primary source, which is relevant to

2 pages

Locate a primary source, which is relevant to our course, that interests you.  Explain the primary source to the best of your ability.  Connect your primary source to this class’s content in at least one way.    

  1. All available information on this source, such as all bibliographic information if available.
  2. What are the main ideas of this source?
  3. If applicable to your source, what is the author or creator’s point of view or perspective?
  4. Is there an intended message or opinion in this source, or is it generally descriptive?
  5. Who is the intended audience?
  6. What is the historical context of this source? What is happening at the time the source is created, that can help give the source context? What could this source tell you about the time period?
  7. How does this relate to class? Does this relate to a particular reading or lecture? Explain.

Include the following.  There might be some overlap with above questions. Drawing conclusions about your source:

  1. Does this primary source add to your knowledge of this class?
  2. Does this source complicate your ideas about history, or confirm your ideas on this topic?
  3. There might be parts of your source that do not make complete sense for you. Feel free to elaborate on anything that is vague or not clear.

Primary sources:

www.Googlebooks.com (Links to an external site.)  – search scanned historical books by changing the date published settings.

www.archive.org (Links to an external site.)  – search scanned historical books.

Yeshiva databases – Proquest historical NY Times

Library of Congress digital newspapers https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ (Links to an external site.)

https://repository.duke.edu/dc/wlmpc (Links to an external site.) Women’s liberation movement print culture collection

https://awpc.cattcenter.iastate.edu/speeches/ (Links to an external site.)   Archives of Women’s Political Communication

https://curiosity.lib.harvard.edu/women-working-1800-1930/catalog?search_field=all_fields (Links to an external site.)   Women Working, 1800-1930

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