A literacy narrative

A literacy narrative is an account of how one learns to read and write. For this project, you are to reflect on some aspect of learning to read and write at some point in your life, what it meant, and how it affected you. To help you decide how you want to proceed with your narrative you might look at the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives, housed through the Ohio State University. Once in, click on “Search Narratives” at the top of the page, plug in a keyword to see examples of narratives (some are videos, but your narrative must be written): http://www.thedaln.org/#/search describe some aspect of a literacy experience you have had. Some topics that might inform your narrative include: learning the writing system; school; teachers; the role of culture in how we think about literacy; how a particular person may have influenced your views on literacy; work; dialects. You are not limited to these topics, they are only a way to brainstorm. Write about something or someone that had an impact on you and your relationship to literacy. Use 2 sources from the class that we have read and discussed so far to help us better understand your experience.

#literacy #narrative

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