A memo on Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLM-T).

As mentioned in the syllabus you are required to write a memo on Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLM-T). Your audience for this memo are 2nd year Human Geography students who have a budding knowledge of BLM-T but are seeking to gain more in-depth understanding of this movement.

As mentioned in class on Thursday, January 24th your memo should be a 3-4page (12 point Times New Roman or similar font, single space) succinct summary of BLM-T that gives the imaginary 2nd year student a rich understanding of the – Founding of BLM-T – Structure and organization of BLM-T – Timeline (that provides details on key events/ actions taken by BLM-T) – Strategies deployed by BLM-T – Intersectionality and difference in BLM-T – BLM-T’s impact – Criticism of BLM-T – Anything else that you think is important and must be included In order to ensure that your short/succinct memo provides substantive details on the varied aspects of BLM-T do thorough research (1) by looking at varied website including the BLM-T website, website of key actors/ leaders/ founders of BLM-T and (2) reading a wide variety of newspaper and magazine coverage of BLM-T including reading editorials and op-ed pieces. Most importantly write and re-rewrite (revise) your memo. It is only by revising that you will achieve brevity without losing important details. All information that you provide must be referenced in endnotes (See Wikipedia entry on Black Lives Matter to get an idea of referencing in end notes).

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