Analsis of Lipsky, M (2010). Street-level bureaucracy


Lipsky, M (2010). Street-level bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the individual in public services (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition). New York, NY: Russel Sage Foundation. ISBN-13 978-087-154-5442 Lipsky book Street-level bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the individual in public services. Your book review should follow the guidelines below: Purpose • To strengthen your knowledge of the course content • To help you improve your analytical and writing skills Format • You should create your assignment using a common word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Please DON’T convert your document into a pdf-formatted file. • Do not exceed five double-spaced pages and don’t submit a document short of four pages. I will stop reading after page five. This does not include the reference page. • Use a 12 pt. font and 1-inch margins all around. • Your book review should read as a critical book review, not as a book report. • Don’t use bullet or numbered sentences; write a critical narrative so that paragraphs flow into one another covering the main arguments of the book. • Use proper APA formatting 6th ed. • Be sure to include your name on the first page of your review. • Do not add a cover page. • All papers will only be accepted through Blackboard Turnitin program

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