Answer the following 10 questions and submit your answers by

Answer the following 10 questions and submit your answers by the link “Assignment 1A”:

  1. Syene was the Greek name of the modern city of “Aswan” in Egypt.
    Is the city of Syene on the Equator? Why does the Sun radiate vertically at this location? Explain! (See the second slide on the PowerPoint)

  2. How did Eratosthenes start his research (starting point of a Scientific Method)?
  3. What was his hypothesis?
  4. List 2 qualitative (observational/descriptive) data and 2 quantitative (measurement) data from the Eratosthenes’s Scientific Method.
  5. Where and when do the obelisks cast NO shadow?
  6. The locations like Syene (today Aswan) are along the latitude (Tropic of Cancer).
    These locations are dry and they represent the “Warm Desert Belt” of Earth because of the vertical sun radiation.
    Do we have a desert belt also in Southern Hemisphere?

  7. What was Eratosthenes incredibly able to deduce with high precision in 280 B.C.?
  8. Do a search on Google Earth and find the location (Latitude and Longitude) 
    of the city of Syene (today’s name is Aswan). 
  9. What is the statement “Water is flowing downhill”?
  10. “A theory is a tentative explanation and needs to be tested for approval.”
    Is the above statement correct?

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