Architecture The Queens house London by Inigo jones

The assignment is to choose a building and act like you are the architect explaining your decisions. You are not supposed to state what’s on the plan but you have to explain the details of what inspired you and what’s behind every move you made. The way it should be written is like you the architect explaining your plan and making propositions to the client or contractor. Assigned the Queens House in London by architect Inigo Jones. The Queen contracted this building as an apology to her his King James 1 of England after she accidentally killed his dog. You should also put in consideration that many of your choices are done by demands from the Queen so you want to speak about how you did certain things as she wishes while writing for her. As you being Inigo Jones you should also speak about Italian architecture to the Queen as it’s what influenced the design of this building especially after your trip from Italy. You can use the first person but cant use quotes or anything as you are the architect. Please read the teacher instructions below. Teacher instructions imagine that you are its architect/designer and that you are writing a letter to your patron/client which will accompany a plan and model of your building to outline the challenges inherent in the project and to explain in detail how your design addresses them. In particular you should focus on what architectural decisions you made during the design process and why. Here are some suggestions of topics that you might consider addressing (note that there might be others as they will vary from building): function, response to site, form, materials, constructional techniques, precedents, style and expression. Think about who the patron is, and what decisions might have already been taken (by the patron or someone else) before you received the commission. Consider to what extent your design follows precedents (or deliberately deviates from them) and the reasons why. Focus on the questions that would be of interest to a reader of the same period / culturetrying to understand why you designed it in the way that you did. This is an opportunity to think about what issues were uppermost in the mind of the original architect. Do not write in an “old-fashioned” language but in clear and expressive modern English using your own words. You may use the first person if you wish. Quotations should not be used and citations should not be needed.

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