Consultant report to CEO of chosen company

This assignment consist of two parts. Part A is on business while part B is on IT. For this order, you will only need to answer Part A. given both A & B question details below so you may have an idea on the flow for easy connectivity later. Situation: You are acting as a Business IT Consultant to a real company of your choice (TBX SDN BHD, background of the company will be on attachment, you may use imaginary info as well), is required to prepare a consultant’s report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), advising the company on its IT strategy. You may need to initiate access to the company for interviews, on-site observations, etc. You may also use the Web, newspapers, online reports, and so on to gather information for analysis purposes. All sources referred to must be cited. Please observe plagiarism rules, violation of which will bring you a mark of zero. The outcome of the project is a consultant’s report specific to the company approved by your instructor, consisting of the following items: Part A (this is the part you need to answer. Only Part A. • Company background. Include such details as business strategy, business objectives, key products or services, etc. About 250 words. • Business environment. Analyze its external business environment (use Porter’s Competitive Forces model) and internal business environment (use Porter’s Value Chain model). Analysis may be supported by concepts, frameworks, and academic literature. About 750 words. • Identification of business issues. Identify a range of business issues (current or future) faced by the company and then prioritize these issues in terms of business impact. Reasonable assumptions can be made in the analysis. About 500 words. Part B (writer do not need to answer or write about this part. Only write about part A above): • Current use of IT. Describe the company’s current use of IT and then evaluate how well its current use of IT can help address the business issues identified in the earlier section. About 750 words. • Future use of IT. Discuss a range of IT solutions (long existed or emerging) that may be adopted for future use by the company to help address the business issues identified in the earlier section. Discussion should include barriers, drivers and feasibility of individual IT solutions. About 1250 words. • Recommendations and implementation plan. Make recommendations on what IT solutions should be implemented by the company. Recommendations should be justified. An implementation plan of the recommendations should also be proposed. About 500 words.

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