Contact and contact zones (by Mary Louise Pratt)

Paper details you have to meet the required number of pages according to the following layout: font size: text 12pt type: Times New Roman, justified (=Blocksatz) spacing: 1,5 line spacing margins: 2,5 cm top/bottom/right; 4cm left margin for corrections new paragraph: first line indented 1,25cm footnotes (if you use them): font size 10 pt bibliography: second (and following) line indented 1,25cm citational style: short references in brackets in the text. Pls: no plot summary! The Topic is contact and contact zones (by Mary Louise Pratt) with Definition! Of course I will also need a thesis, you Are Free here. It just has to do sth with contact zones (which i think is clear). The Term paper can involve one Short Story of the Book, but also 2-4, you can see how Many are needed to prove the thesis.

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