Contemporary Mining Practices and Worker Safety

 Writer who choose to write this outline will be asked to finish final paper for me, here are the instruction: Prepare a brief formal outline of your paper using nested decimal numbering to delineate sections and subsections. The first numbered section should be “1. Introduction”; the only subsection for the introduction should be a provisional thesis statement as line item 1.1. This outline should give a sense of the structure your paper will use (For instance, historical background on a technology, followed by an overview of a case study, followed by the aftermath of the case study, followed by an ethical discussion). The outline should also give 2-3 short statements per section (eg. Background, Potential Benefits, etc.), providing a sense of what the content of that section will be. For example, if you have a section “3. Potential Benefits,” please give an indication of what 2-3 of those benefits might be (“3.1 Economic benefits to developing countries,” “3.2 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” etc.). If you wish to provide further detail in the outline, you are welcome to introduce a third-level of suborganization. For instance, “3.1 Economic benefits to developing countries” could contain subsubsections 3.1.1-3.1.3, specifying the economic benefits being referred to. However, this level of detail is not required at this stage. Finally, the outline should include an expanded reference list. At the proposal stage, you included two references. At the outline stage, please expand this to five by adding three new references. You may wish to give some indication in the outline of where these references will be discussed, but you are not required to. Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

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