Customer Survey

Chapter 7 Customer Survey Direction: In this assignment you will design a short customer satisfaction survey to be given to the physicians in the hospital. This survey is to be designed for assessing physician satisfaction with the HIM chart completion process. This would include both the procedure of being notified of incomplete (i.e. unsigned) charts as well as, the process when they come to the HIM department to work on their incomplete charts. To get full credit you need to include the following: 1. Well-designed satisfaction survey (1 point) 2. Survey should have instructions (1 point) 3. Must have at least 7 questions, but no more than 10 questions. Questions should be well-worded and relate directly to the customer’s satisfaction. (2 points) 4. A few questions should gather information about the physician or the process. (2 points) 5. At least two questions must use the Likert scale. (2 points) 6. At least one question must be qualitative, which is a question that asks for the customer’s opinion and has a space for them to write in an answer. (2 points)

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