Cyberbullying: Social psychology concentration.

The writer must read all of the assignment instructions before starting the writing****

1. Read Final Project Guidelines 2. You will be completing a Literature Review for a total of 10 articles related to the topic: Cyberbullying: Social psychology concentration. The ten (10) articles should thoroughly support the research topic (Cyberbullying: Social psychology concentration) and design that you propose in the paper. 3. You must read the articles and answer all critical elements A-H for EACH article under Section I: Literature Review of the assignment. 4. Articles must be analyzed according to the uploaded file: Literature Review Format Instructions. 5. You must select peer-reviewed articles for this assignment (they must be researched studies). 6. The research gap (that is, what does the reviewed articles not address) should be clearly defined, and the research design should be able to address the gap. 7. The research design must be thorough. You are encouraged to model after how the reviewed articles structured their designs. 8. All critical elements in this assignment should be addressed as per the Assignment Guidelines that I uploaded. Each section of the paper has individual instructions which I have uploaded. You must follow these instructions as written. I will request a new writer if the FIRST draft of the paper does not follow the instruction(s) that have been uploaded. 9. You must label the document thoroughly so that I can easily identify that you have covered the critical element(s) of each section of the paper. 10. Each critical element should be answered thoughtfully to prevent having to make so many revisions

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