Dance Kinesiology

This Dance Kinesiology paper is an analysis of Spine based on the dance image: Lift up through the spine, not chest, avoid military look. These are the sections the paper will be broken into: Paragraph 1- Anatomy of the Spine: the bones and type of joint it is, synovial joint info (if applicable), movements that are possible with the spine. Paragraph 2 & 3- Discussion of the muscles that are involved in the Spine’s action of extension (Cambré – an arch back with the spine). What are the muscles that are working to make these actions possible: prime movers (agonist), antagonist, synergists and stabilizers. How are these specified muscles working to make a side and back cambre? Paragraph 4- What muscles allow the Spine to lengthen and maintain the rib cage close when standing in an erect position? Paragraph 5- Specific Exercises & stretches that allow this dance image (lift through the spine not the chest, avoid military look) to be effective? Specific exercises and stretches to aid with proper alignment for a Cambré (arch of the spine back/ extension of the back)? — be descriptive with the exercises: how are they to be performed? what should be stabilized when performing these exercises? what muscles are being targeted? Paragraph 6 What injuries (overuse and traumatic) could occur from working with poor alignment of the spine? (be sure to describe what these injuries are) What are the treatments for these injuries? Paragraph 7- Conclusion on the importance of the dance image: Life through the spine, not chest, avoid military look References to use: Dance Kinesiology by Sally Sevey Fitt Dance Technique & Injuries Prevention by Justin Howse (I will upload images of the pages from these texts)

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