Discuss cyber-stalking, or online harassment.

 ResearchOnce you choose your topic you can begin your research. You must have at least five different sources. You can use any of the following: books, magazines, journals, newspapers, library databases, and the Internet. Make sure that any Internet sites you use are legitimate sources. All of your sources must be from 2013 or later. Wiki sites and/or about.com are very helpful to get an overview of your topic, but you may not use any wiki site or about.com as one of your five sources. If you use multiple pages from one web site that counts as only one source.Start by finding some sources and reading them carefully. You may find that the topic is overly broad, in which case you can limit your focus. For example, suppose you choose privacy. You may decide to focus on some specific aspect of privacy, such as government surveillance, the gathering of information by corporations, the tools and techniques used for electronic surveillance, or legal issues related to privacy.SourcesIt is essential that you use legitimate sources for your research. Books, periodicals, and library databases all contain legitimate information: before being published the information is reviewed by editors and subject matter experts. Web sites are not reviewed at all, so they can contain accurate, complete information written by a subject matter expert, or they can contain incomplete, inaccurate, and/or biased information written by someone with no qualifications. Search engines do not evaluate web sites for credibility. Each search engine has its own method for determining which pages to list first, but these methods have nothing to do with whether the page contains reliable information. Therefore, it is up to us to determine which web sites are credible and can be used for research. The Research Tips handout has information on research resources and assistance available at th library. It also has links to pages that will help you determine what makes a legitimate source when you are using web pages for your research. Be sure to read it carefully. If you have any questions, email me or contact one of the Librarians. Research Project Requirements Professor Phyllis FlemingRequirementsYour paper should be 6 – 8 pages. Make sure you have at least 6 full pages. This does not include the space used by your works cited.Use MLA format. Do not include the following: your opinion, a definition of the topic, or the history of the topic. If your presentation is about a person, you can give the history of their life and achievements.Pictures are great, but do not count the space used by the pictures toward your minimum number of pages.The first paragraph of your paper is the introduction. In the introduction, you present a summary of what your paper will cover.The last paragraph of your paper is the conclusion. In the conclusion, you present a summary of what the paper covered.You must include proper MLA citations.

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