Discuss the concept of lobbying in Canada or Britain and the US.

The essay should be argumentative, typewritten, double-spaced and follow proper format for citations and bibliography. It should be about 2000 words (about 8 typed pages. Times New Roman, 12 font) and you must provide a word count. All essays must use in text bracketed notes with a full bibliography at the end of the essay indicating sources consulted (APA style -see library website re citing sources). Remember if you use a direct quote you must use “ “ and include the page number when you cite the source. Any portion of your essay using the exact sentences or phrases of an author even if you cite the source without quotation marks is plagiarism, so is cutting and pasting text from websites. Essays will be graded out of 20 according to the following criteria Does the essay address the topic or issue? Is there a central thesis? is it clearly stated? is it coherent i.e. does it make sense? Is the thesis supported by arguments? are there several arguments? are they well-reasoned, clearly stated and make sense? Are the arguments supported by evidence? is the evidence adequate to support the thesis? is it relevant? is it credible? Are there important counter-arguments that you have mentioned and refuted? Is the essay well written, with no spelling, grammar or major style errors? (Remember software programs do not catch misused words, incoherent ideas or bad style. Nothing is a substitute for carefully proof-reading an essay.)

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