“Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis

post your responses to the following questions:  What was your favorite character in the book? Why? What is your opinion on how the book explains how Thor works, and in general the world of high-frequency trading (HFT)? Do you agree with the book in how big banks such as Goldman Sachs are portrayed with respect their ability to compete in the world of HFT? After reading the book, what’s your opinion on the risks and benefits of HFT to investors? Please refer to the book in your answers and try to be as specific as you can. Please do not write more than one paragraph per question. Your free to answer all questions in essay form if you prefer but limit your work to four paragraphs. The assignment will be grade based on originality, depth of the analysis, and how your answers use the book as a reference, i.e. how you give specific examples. Please note that all submissions are final and cannot be edited or deleted, so make sure that you proof read your posts. Late submissions will be penalized.

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