Forest industry all over canada

Description each section, students must students to find and read at least 6 articles on a topic of interest. The 6 articles must include 2 academic papers from Google Scholar and 4 practitioner magazine articles. They cannot include Wikepedia or web pages. Compensation benefits, Higher than the market or lower, education in forest industry all over the canada etc. Each section is to be written in paragraph form (no bullet lists) and should include an introductory paragraph that introduces the section, the body of the paper, and a conclusion. The paper must integrate different ideas coming from different articles reviewed. The paper should not include charts or pictures in the body of the text. If the student feels that charts or images are of value, they may be added as appendices which do not count in the 25 page requirement. The paper should cite all ideas that have come from the readings using intext citations (eg. (Smith, 2016)). The paper will also include a list of references with the full bibliographical information for each article cited.

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