“High Anxiety: Job Insecurity at Archotec.”

 Topic: Consider the case below, “High Anxiety: Job Insecurity at Archotec.” Your task is to provide an overview of this case, identifying the internal and external stakeholders and the obligations owed to them by the company. Explain the relevant moral, legal and financial considerations for the case, and offer at least 2 distinct proposals for how to proceed. In presenting 2 or more alternative courses of action, your goal is to explain and defend a course of action that balances the moral, legal and financial obligations and upholds obligations to stakeholders. You must offer actionable recommendations in defending a course of action and end your paper by considering and then replying to at least one objection to your recommended alternative. Your paper must utilize relevant theory from our course in at least one of the alternatives you consider. Your paper must offer one possible course of action from the perspective of John Rawls in “Justice as Fairness” or Norman E. Bowie in “Respecting the Humanity in a Person.” You may also wish to discuss “Exploitation of Need” by Joanne B. Ciulla (this is not mandatory). Papers that fail to reference the required course readings in our textbook will not be graded. Please note: • Papers must be in complete sentences (not in point form) and must not include appendixes. • Papers must include the rubric below as the last two pages, for grading. • You are permitted to use tables for illustrative purposes, but they must not take the place of explaining your recommendations. • Always cite the readings and not the course notes when material referenced is in our textbook. • Papers are due on the dates assigned on the course outline. Late papers will not be accepted. • It is important to note that case analysis papers are individual assignments – your paper must be your own original work. • Your papers must not exceed 1000 words each. You must include your full name and student number, as well as your final word count (excluding citations and bibliographic listings) in the top right hand corner. • ALL PAPERS must include complete citations and a bibliography in MLA format. Papers without a bibliography and properly referenced sources will not be graded. If you are unfamiliar with how to cite your sources it is your responsibility to contact the instructor or writing centre for guidance. If you think your paper does not need citations or a bibliography, you have not completed the assignment correctly.

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