How does the middle class of Jackson’s America compare to today’s

For each subject, provide a 200 word answer, No citations are required.

III) Clergyman Mather Byles, not Benjamin Martin, famously said “Which is better: to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?” in reference to avoiding the chance of going to war with the seemingly unbeatable British. Had you been present during these debates and part of any colony, what side would you choose, and why? IV) Consider your daily life. What are some of the everyday elements that would be different if we today were still under a state-focused document like the Articles of Confederation and not the Constitution? V) How can the influence of Dolley Madison in the age of Republican motherhood be compared to events or society today? VI) We see the rise of a strong middle class.

How does the middle class of Jackson’s America compare to today’s middle class? How would your profession of choice be different then instead of now? VII) Many believe that Eli Whitney’s cotton gin can be blamed for the extension of slavery in America. In this case, how did the growth of technology have an effect on American culture, and do you see the same thing happening in today’s society?

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