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Questions: 1. As discussed in class this semester, any posts you make on social media should be considered a post that cannot be deleted and may affect your career. Do you feel you should be able to post anything you want on social media without fear of your job? Yes, no and why? 2. You’re a new manager in your company and the employees that report to you are not pleased with the way you enforce company policy. You learn that these employees have put together a “group me chat group” excluding you. One of the employees in the group likes you and shares the posts with you and the posts are very derogative toward you. What is your next step? Why? 3. You are the HR Director in your firm and you have been directed to update the social media policy for the firm. Please provide 4 KEY components you would include in the policy and provide a reason why each component should be included. 4. You are interviewing for a new position and company policy requires a full background check including social media posts you have made in the past. You know that when you were in college you were very politically active and there is a possibility the background check will turn up some very harsh posts you made. However, that was 10 years ago, and your opinion has now changed. What should you do? Tell the employer upfront what you posted back in college and explain that your opinion has changed or do not tell the employer and be prepared to defend your posts if they turn up in the background check? Why?

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