In the relational database context, it is necessary to define

In the relational database context, it is necessary to define authorizations that provide access to portions of the original relations.

Select one:
a.Access patterns
b.User-based restrictions
c.View-based access control
d.Both B and C

Both S x and S y send their relations to S Q, which computes the join result.

Select one:


What is the name of the join Server S y sends relation r y to S x, which computes the join and sends the result to S Q?

Select one:
d.None of the above

What is the name of join Let r x1 be the set of tuples in r x that server S y can access, and r y1 be the set of tuples in r y that server S x can access?

Select one:
d.Both B and C

The usage of the allocated resources and services (such as storage, processing, memory, etc.) can be controlled, measured, managed, and reported so both customers and providers can have a clear view over the needs and consumption of the resources.

Select one:
a.Highly scalable resources
b.Cloud services
c.Network services

d.Services are measured

Consumers of cloud computing have to provide protection of their clients’ data stored at the service provider facility, which in turn requires that the cloud service providers have appropriate certifications per state regulations.

Select one:
a.Regulatory compliance
c.Data protection

d.Business failure

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