Instructions: First, review the plot diagram from Unit 1. Then,


  • First, review the plot diagram from Unit 1. Then, write a very simple story using the seven-sentence story format:
    1. Once up on a time… 2. And everyday…
    3. But one day…
    4. Because of that…
    5. However…
    6. Until finally…
    7. And ever since then…
    Please note that this is not a fairy tale that you are writing (unless you love that genre and really want to write one!), but rather the universal story structure for all stories. Your story can be about anything and any characters that interest you.
  • Then, you will act as the Director and create a very abbreviated storyboard for your whole story brought to film. Create seven (7) pairs of frames for a total of fourteen (14) frames; one pair for each part of the story as you wrote it (one pair for “Once upon a time,” one pair for “And every day,” and so on) and illustrate the moment when you would use seven (7) different editing choices. The purpose is to explore how inter-connected stories and editing choices are. Where might you use a fade out? Where might you use a jump cut? Why?

o An example: Perhaps in part 7 of your story, you have a special ring that the main character sees on the ground. You can draw a wide shot of the ring on the ground in square 7A and then a close- up of that same ring in drawing 7B – this is an example of an inset editing transition – from 7A to 7B.

o A second example: Perhaps one of your characters says, in drawing 3A, “What’s that?!” while pointing to the sky. In drawing 3B we see a meteor

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coming toward the city. That’s an example of a motivated cut, or a cutaway.

• For each pair of frames (A and B), clearly label which editing transition is taking place as A moves to B in your film. There will be 14 frames total with seven different transitions.


  • Your drawings should be approximately 1.5 x 1.5 inches, and all 14 drawings should fit on one page.
  • Include a brief written description of each shot and the transition used. Make sure your drawings and labels are clearly visible. You can add any extra details that you feel are essential.
  • Insert your scanned or photographed image of your drawings into a Word document so that your story and storyboard are together in one file. (If you cannot combine your two pieces into one file for some reason, submit your story and your drawings to the assignment link as separate documents. The system will allow you to upload multiple files when submitting.)

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