Integrated Marketing Communications

Your work will focus on the following tasks:

1. Analyse the market situation of Bahlsen and the biscuit sector by undertaking a context analysis, quoting sources, which should include the following (25 marks): a. Analysis of the sector and key trends & issues b. Analysis of the competitors & their communications activities c. Analysis of the Bahlsen Blue brand & competitor brands d. Analysis of current target audience e. Analysis of current marketing expertise within Bahlsen, and use of any marketing agencies.

Task notes

This assignment has been specifically written for the IMC class. While based on a real project, it is a largely fictional piece of work set in a real marketing environment. Students undertaking this assignment must not contact the organisations (Bahlsen or MediaCom), remember, the scenario is an academic exercise ONLY – it is not a live brief. Report guidelines Please use 11 or 12 font and standard margins in the production of this report. Reports should contain subheadings for each new section and should be single line spaced throughout. You will be expected to apply theory to the case study and marks will be awarded for this.


The written report must be referenced and have a final reference list using the Harvard style. Quoting of sources for various points that you make, adds to the credibility (for example in the context analysis, media costs). See the MMUBS policy on referencing in the student handbook

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