Research: Review features of webhosting services by choosing one of


Research: Review features of webhosting services by choosing one of the following:

  • A webhost comparison site. If you choose this option, it must have the current year in the page title or clearly show a publication date for the current year; remember that a copyright date on a website is not applicable.


  • Two different webhost sites, so you can compare features yourself.

Diagram: Using Visio and your critical thinking, diagram a flowchart that includes at least four decisions that must be made about webhost service features in order for you to choose the best provider for the client’s needs. Reminder: every decision needs a binary response (yes/no or true/false) that leads logically to your next step. Make sure you have checked the rules and examples in the Reading PDF before beginning your diagram.


Choose one of the following visual decision-enhancing methods:

  • Decision tree
  • Decision table
  • Fishbone diagram

Write: In 80–110 words, explain your chosen method’s purpose and how it is constructed. Do not copy or quote from your source or include imagery of any kind; your task is to be able to explain it thoroughly using only words in paragraph form (no lists). If you find the word count difficult to reach, include an example of a situation where this method could be helpful.

Cite: Use in-text citation in the paragraph to properly identify your source. In the provided location in the template, provide a full APA 7th edition reference entry.

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