Select a job or internship posting from an online source


Select a job or internship posting from an online source or newspaper based on your current qualifications. If you’re planning on graduating this year, approach this assignment as if you have your degree. If you want to target a job in your career field but lack sufficient skills, identify an internship opportunity.

Design and construct a resume based on the posting’s desired qualifications. The resume will be assessed on its content and appearance and how well it targets the audience (See “Questions to Ask Yourself about Key Information in section 6.1 of the Baker textbook. (Links to an external site.)) Your design should be original. I will not accept resumes produced with templates.

Include a copy of the job posting with this assignment. Your resume will be also assessed on how effectively it responds to this job posting.

I have also attached a rubric. I need an A in this assignment please message me.

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