United States Organizational Business Problem in Nursing – Case Study

Read the Case Study provided with this assignment carefully. Prepare a 3 to 5-page paper addressing each of the major topic areas. The paper should be written in 12-point font, single or double spaced, and include a separate title page with your name, course name and number and date. Your name and page numbers should also be on any subsequent pages as well. A rubric is provided. Your document should be error free (typos and grammar), be well organized, thoughtful, easy to follow and discuss/address each major topic completely and thoroughly. It should include headings for each of the major topic areas (these are bold in the Case Study Instructions), contain at least 5 citations somewhere in the paper (which can be text, class article or clip or an independently chosen resource) and also incorporate at least 3 key class concepts in each of the major topic sections. The key class concepts should be underlined.

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