US foreign policy regarding Russian military aggression

There are four steps to completing this project: Step 1: Select a critical issue in the US foreign policy relationship with another country. Try to pick a country of personal interest, which should help motivate your research efforts. Then, identify strategies that could be used to improve those efforts. Select a topic from the recommended list. If you choose your own topic it will need to be pre-approved BEFORE you submit a proposal. You may ask about your topic via email BEFORE the proposal is due. Below is a list of SUGGESTED topics.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, you may select any other topic of your interest that adheres to the assignment guidelines. You may choose one of the following topics: US foreign policy regarding counter-terrorism in Yemen US foreign policy regarding Russian military aggression US foreign policy regarding N. Korea’s nuclear program US foreign policy regarding trade with Cuba US foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria US foreign policy regarding economic development in Mexico US foreign policy regarding the nuclear deal with Iran US foreign policy regarding military aid to Israel Optional: You may submit a topic and country of your own choice for approval. Step 2: Conduct research to locate a minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed articles published in an academic journal (aka: scholarly sources) using the following criteria: The article must be less than ten years old and a minimum of five pages in length. Carefully choose those works that provide a variety of perspectives on the topic. For current events information relevant to your topic, you may use newspaper articles, magazine articles, government publications and other reliable sources as “supplemental sources.” That is, in addition to the 3 scholarly sources. Textbooks, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), Almanacs, or an Atlas are reference materials and should not be listedin any works cited page on the collegiate level. Properly document your sources in your memo and on a works cited page.

Step 3: Submit a proposal via dropbox by the date specified in the course calendar. Your proposal must identify your topic, give a short introduction (about 100 words on what you plan to say) and present a bibliography listing in MLA format of the 3 primary sources you will use. Failure to submit a proposal will result in the assignment being incomplete. Please be KNOWLEDGABLE about your topic PRIOR to submitting your proposal. For example: Immigration is NOT an appropriate issue for this assignment as it is not a specific policy we take part in conjunction with another country, rather it is a decision on who to admit within our own borders. Step 4: Prepare a formal policy memo for the President of the United States (POTUS). Your document should quickly explain how the President can take your advice and put it into action. Presidents are busy people, so keep it short and to the point. This document should quickly articulate (in 2-3 paragraphs) the relevance of the issue, the current policy position (citing the supporting evidence) and conclude with suggested reforms. The memo is to be 600-800 of own words. Keep quotations to a minimum but otherwise use your sources wisely and cite them where you do. No more and no less is necessary for this activity. Failure to meet the minimum writing requirement will result in a zero for the entire assignment The formatting protocol for a memo requires single spacing. You may view an example of what a memo should look like by visiting The Owl at Purdue site. Finally, add a cover page to the front of the document with word count, and include the works cited page at the end. Submit all pages together as one file to the appropriate dropbox.

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